Jun Aoki

Part good neighbour and part recluse, N is a house with a split personality. The latest from Tokyo architect Jun Aoki, this two-story block adorned with a pitched roof, brick chimney and mullioned windows greets the street amiably. But the heart of the house is a cavernous, underground box completely sequestered from view. While the iconographic upstairs contains just bedrooms, the buried inner sanctum downstairs holds the combined kitchen, dining and living room.


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KEMISTRY,Pure Yet Complex

 if you are in or around East London in the next week and a bit we suggest that you pop into Kemistry gallery for their current exhibition ‘Pure Yet Complex’ by Sanderson Bob.

Kemistry is small independent gallery dedicated to exhibiting the work of outstanding designers both past and present, located in Shoreditch, London. 

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Forms of Inquiry Project

London based designer Zak Kyes, Forms of Inquiry: The Architecture of Critical Graphic Design brings together new works by a range of international graphic designers who base their work in critical investigation. The exhibition features projects that have originated as self-propelled inquiry, either professional or personal, and have been developed into a myriad of media and forms including typography, writing/curatorial projects, installations, interactive works, publications and speculative proposals, that draw a relationship between architectural and graphic design.

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The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines

The recent resurgence of interest in the architecture of the 1960s and 1970s has largely neglected the role of the many experimental publications that were the engine of that intensely creative period. Assembled together for the first time, these remarkable documents offer a unique view of a key period of architectural innovation and challenge today’s architects to provoke a similar intensity. This exhibition tracks the critical function of the little magazine in architecture during these years.


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The 63.02° apartment

63.02°, built in a densely residential area in Nakano, Tokyo, is a small building of a SOHO and an apartment for rent. The front road is really narrow, but the next apartment has a big open space between the road and the building. In order to this situation, the facade of 63.02° is inclined 63.02 degrees toward the front road, so that a wide and deep view is acquired. From the large windows that are opened on the inclined facade, you can see neighbour’s cherry tree and the cityscape.

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Ronel Jordaan’s approach to fool the eye

 Seen on the pages of Australian Vogue Living and in showrooms around the world, South African Designer, Ronel Jordaan’s rock and scatter cushions and pebble carpets are whimsical but made out of sustainable felt, also have a warmth to them. Ronel, a textile designer for 28 years is primarily inspired by nature and her preferred medium is felt. Ronel has also trained a group of South African women in the art of felting, who produce the designs with her and have now started creating their own designs with her help.

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The people at IDS08 have been very busy at the Direct Energy Centre, in Toronto. Ending up the event this week . We’re always amazed to see how an empty show floor is transformed in a mere three days into these amazing spaces.

This year, IDS has decided to share some of the action that goes behind the making of the show and isdesign got the exclusives in the next coming days .

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